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Some pictures of the body painting I did for a friend’s Dr. Manhattan for WonderCon 2013.


We apologize for the long absence. We’ve been very busy. Please enjoy episode one of this awesome webseries based on the Call of Duty: Zombies video games and map packs.

Directed by: Jake Akuna


Doctor Who Zygon Skit “Let Zygons Be Zygons” Gallifrey One Masquerade 2013 (by Bob Mitsch)


Sorry we've been so quiet lately

Here’s my friend’s blog explaining what we’ve been working on. I have my own photos of the process that I’ll be posting later.


More from the airbrush class. He was the class demo that day, so all of the gray is what the instructor did and I matched it with the gold. 

The assignment was to recreate a look from a music video. I chose one of the looks from 2NE1’s video for Can’t Nobody.


Some more airbrush stuff. Cheetah spots were made with various stencils that I drew up. 


This was my first airbrush design. I went for a sort of thunder/ice storm theme. I added baby powder to give it a little something extra.

Feminerdity Creations

youunicorn said: I really like your makeup.

Thank you very much. ^_^